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Art Economy

Shifting the investment paradigm of the existing blue-chip art world into blockchain.

Fine Art Investing — Redefined

Future Modern is a Web3 investment platform drawing an unprecedented journey for blue-chip artworks.

Our Breakthrough Innovations

The Transition

Physical blue-chip artworks are onboarded to Future Modern’s Web3 platform by creating a digital twin of the physical art and fractionalizing it for art investment.

The Invitation

Art enthusiasts can now invest in these art fractions, and subsequently hold, trade, and auction them freely within our Art Bourse, enabling previously unseen market dynamics.

The Expansion

Within our Art Bourse investors can also trade newly established art indexes –– ETF-like digital assets which are backed by split commodities, opening an unprecedented investment market.

The Reveal

Parallel to these first three breakthroughs, the physical artworks themselves are now designated for exhibition into first-of-their-kind MetaMuseums for presentation to the general public — and in some cases revealed for the first time ever.

How it works

We selectively onboard physical artwork masterpieces to our platform and generate asymmetrical fractions as NFTs – inviting anyone to invest in and own some of the most important and valuable art in history.

1 Onboarding

Fine-art owners such as galleries, collectors and artists onboard their artworks to the platform for sale. The artworks get fractionalized as NFTs in the blockchain in an asymmetric fashion as to generate total uniqueness.

The journey of onboarding blue-chip artworks begin with a thorough Authentication Process, whereby these artworks undergo a comprehensive multi-step physical review conducted by established third-party art experts. Based on an elaborate, industry-approved authentication process, a Provenance Trail is established, and an accurate chain of evidence is produced. A final APPROVAL or DENIAL is generated to determine whether the blue-chip artwork can be onboarded to the platform or not. 
2 Registry

Once the artwork is approved for onboarding it is registered into the platform through certificates, tagging and cataloging. 

Upon APPROVAL for onboarding, the artwork is issued a Certificate of Authenticity or a Statement of Provenance, which is engraved into the blockchain. 
The artwork is then tagged with a high-tech non-intrusive methodology that ensures that the physical piece will forever be recognizable in a unique manner. 
Finally, the artwork gets catalogued, notarized, and recorded on human-computable registries to maintain the traceability upon any type of digital failure. 
3 Asymmetric Fractions

The artwork now is transitioned into the Web3 space via the creation of a digital twin which gets fractionalized into asymmetric pieces defined by our team of Art Experts. 

The artwork might be offered to "intimate individuals” before hitting the open platform at Future Modern’s sole discretion. If this early sale happens, then the entire process stops here.  
If the artwork is not offered (and sold) at this stage, then a fractionalization analysis is performed by our team of Art Experts to determine the best ways to digitally divide the piece. Each one of these new pieces gets converted into a newly minted NFT. 
4 Marketplace Installation

The digital fractions get offered under their unique attributes to investors, who once owning them can trade, hold, or auction these freely.

Future Modern’s Art Bourse is the place where these newly minted digital fractions get offered to investors. Once procured, the investors can decide to hold onto the fraction for indefinite amounts of time, or alternatively resell the fractions or place them for auction, opening possibilities for substantial financial gains. 
5 Physical Placement

The physical artwork is insured and transported to Future Modern’s Metamuseum, where it will become visible and available to the public. 

The physical artworks will be all gathered in specific Metamuseums around the globe, where they will become visible by the public, sparking major interest and continuing to generate royalties and gains to the owners of the digital counterparts. 

Our mission lays the path between the current blue-chip art industry and the new art economy of the future by bringing fine art investment opportunities to everyone.

Our vision enables physical artworks to take on an entirely new identity, expanding how people engage with art, and establishing novel exchange methods that transform the landscape for good.

Growing Market Demand

Global Art Market
Online Art Market
Art-based NFT Market
NFT Market by 2025

Multi-tiered Membership NFTs

Access to three different tiers with ascending benefits.


Right of first refusal on all onboarded artworks

High governance

Unique access to specific top blue-chip art


Right of first refusal after Diamond

Medium governance


Access to fractions after Diamond & Platinum

Low governance


Santiago Fonseca
Rad Bratich

Become an early investor

Future Modern is currently developing the platform. Now is the time to invest and revolutionize the next artworld economy.

Contact us to become an early investor and we’ll reach out with our documentation.